"Just My Luck"

A Lifeline game for Big Fish Games


Demons have been unleashed in 1892 London and it's up to you to help Malory Luck get these demons back to Hell. Enter a hilarious adventure!

Currently Unavailable


A sci-fi text adventure created using Twine. 

Dr. Ammara Misra is stuck aboard the space station, Everstar, surrounded by a killer virus and murderous crew members. You are her only hope of escape. 


A short horror film script.

On a routine grid check, Ed, an electrician, comes face-to-face with death.


A comedy spec-script for the TV show, Modern Family.

Jay won't admit he's impressed by Phil's magic, Gloria wants nothing more than to be included in Manny's school life, and Mitch and Cam want to help Claire relax in this Modern Family script (not an actual show script).

Barista Making Coffee To Go

"A Caffeinated Digit"

A short story about finding something in your drink.

Stirring your drink with your finger is a little gross. Having your drink stirred by someone else's finger is something else entirely.  


A transmedia adventure based on The Crystal Egg by H.G. Wells.


After finding an odd egg at a garage sale, Ellie, a blogger, is thrust into a world she never knew existed.  


A Sample Review of the mobile game Hero Academy written for the blog, A Year Well Wasted in 2012.